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APS Gearbox (22)

SHS Full metal rack Polymer piston


Metal gearbox - t-piece spacer


APS Ultraslim Bushings - 8mm

Coming Soon

SHS Stainless Steel Low Profile Bushings - 8mm


Genuine SHS 13:1 Metal Gears


APS Cylinder Head Nozzle (nozzle Only)


APS Cylinder Head


SHS Bushings - 8mm


Azrael V2 Speed Trigger

Coming Soon

Genuine SHS 12:1 Metal Gears


Genuine SHS DSG Gear


N52 Divine Realm 26000RPM High Torque Motor by Chihai


SHS Bushings - 7mm


7mm Gearbox Bearings


Aztech 8mm Low Profile Bushes 440 Stainless V2 Gearbox for Gelball and Airsoft


Ambi Fire Selector for MPX (Black)


SHS Bushings - 6mm


Aztech Scythe 7075 CNC V2 Gearbox for Gelball