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Threaded Glacier Hopup

    Threaded Glacier Hopup

    $15.00 $20.00

      Our latest creation, the Glacier Hopup. 

      This hopup suits all the metal blasters that we sell that use an M14 CCW (left hand) thread. Through easy adjustment to the amount of 'hop' through the grub screw, you can adjust it to perfection. The grooved tongue of the hopup ensures a heightened grip pad for the gels to effectively hit meaning less deflection of the tongue is needed giving better accuracy. This will most assuredly give you more distance and better accuracy for your blaster!

      • Suits metal blasters with M14 CCW thread
      • Max outer dimension of the hopup is 18mm
      • Length is 58mm

      Installation instructions

      • Line it up straight on the thread, make sure you do not cross thread it
      • It uses a left hand thread so turn counter-clockwise to install
      • Keep going until it is pushing down on the metal sprung washer on the end of the outer barrel
      • Adjust so writing on the hopup is correct way up and level
      • Adjust the hopup adjustment grub screw until you have a perfect amount of hop