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EMG Salient Arms International Tactical Hunter Co2 Shotgun Gel Blaster - Black
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    EMG Salient Arms International Tactical Hunter Co2 Shotgun Gel Blaster - Black


      QLD and WA only

        EMG SAI Tactical shotgun Gas powered gel blaster has the all black Magpul hunter tactical stock set and forend which is a reinforced polymer shell for strength light weight and feelA collaboration project between EMG and SAI, the Salient Arms M870 shotgun blaster feels and functions just like its real-life counterpart. Each shot shell has its own self-contained co2 charge and 6 gels. This unique system allows the blaster to be loaded and cycled like an actual pump action shotgun; complete with tactical reloads.

        A pump action shotgun with high maneuverability is your choice. Here are the features of the new shotgun you shouldn’t miss:

        • Caliber: 7mm gel
        • Heavy duty aluminum receiver w/ weather resistant anodized finish & laser engraved Salient Arms International trademarks
        • Ultra-light weight design; vent-ribbed barrel w/ porting & high visibility fiber optic shotgun front sight
        • Aggressive stippling on forearm and stock for an absolute no-slip grip
        • Steel action bars for smoother cycling and improved durability; improved steel lift-gate; heavy duty steel extractor; reinforced aluminum trigger guard
        • Pre-installed +2 shot shell extension for 6+1 shell capacity
        • Custom CNC machined anodized aluminum bolt w/ laser engraved SAI trademarks
        • Fires 6 x  7mm gels with one pull of the trigger w/ realistic shot patterning; resembles standard defensive loads; realistically ejects and loads shells like an actual pump-action shotgun


        We only recommend the use of genuine APS Smart Charger nozzles to prevent damage of the valve when charging gas which is sold seperately