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Option No.1 Plug-In Brushless 480 Long Motor

    Option No.1 Plug-In Brushless 480 Long Motor



      • Brushless AEG motor
      • Integrated MOSFET unit allows for unparalleled control
      • Direct plug-in installation, third wire built into assembly
      • 45000rpm high Torque
      • Voltage protection is lower than 5.5V and higher than 13.5V
      • Battery low voltage protection 2 CELL is lower than 6V, 3 CELL is lower than 9V
      • Temperature protection up to 100 Degrees Celcius
      • Stall protection (when the gear is damaged or other reasons cause the motor cannot be pushed smoothly)
      • Can be used with mosfets as long as active break is off and rate of fire is at 100%

      Manufacturer: Option No.1 / RA-Tech


      Motor Type: Long
      Compatibility: For blasters that utilize a long type 480 motor