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Muzzletek Pistol Hopup
Muzzletek Pistol Hopup
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    Muzzletek Pistol Hopup


      Made with a CNC alloy outer casing, this hopup is tough and will add that much needed distance to your new co2 pistol! Designed and made in Australia!

      Material: CNC alloy outer case with plastic inner

      Thread: M12 CCW

      Adjustment: Adjust through grub screw on the front of the hopup


      1. Screw on the outer casing first (counter clockwise thread) all the way until it is on the pistol firmly
      2. Insert the inner hopup part into the casing making sure the hopup tongue is top dead centre
      3. Tighten up the grub screw in the rear of the casing until it becomes firm. This holds the inner hopup part in place.
      4. Adjust the amount of hopup by screwing in or out the hopup adjustment grub screw at the front of the hopup until you have the correct amount of backspin