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Co2 Pistol Laser Service
Co2 Pistol Laser Service
Co2 Pistol Laser Service

    Co2 Pistol Laser Service


      We are now offering laser engraving/marking on the co2 pistol range of blasters as a starting point and will increase this to all items over time. There are countless options for this service which will allow you to customise your blasters for aesthetics as well as security.

      There are 3 major types of laser operations;

      1. Marking - This is where the laser will mark on the paint/plastic your design but the paint/plastic will remain. On painted metal parts, this will mean there will be a difference in the hue of the colour. For plastic/nylon/polymer, this means there will be an almost white colour where it has been lased.
      2. Ablating - This is for painted metal where the paint is essentially blasted off with the laser to expose the metal underneath. 
      3. Engraving - This is where on metal and plastic, the laser is used on a high power with multiple passes to achieve a depth for the design.

      If you are buying an item from us and want it engraved before sending out, please include your order numbers in the text box above.

      If you want something lasered that you already have, please contact us after purchasing so you can send it to us.

      Please choose from the above options.