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BigRRR Mosfet Programable V2 Mosfet
BigRRR Mosfet Programable V2 Mosfet
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    BigRRR Mosfet Programable V2 Mosfet


      BigRRR V2 Mosfets are the ideal upgrade to your standard or mildly upgraded blaster.  Featuring programable Single shot, binary and burst fire and of course good old full auto.

      These are the perfect mosfet for players of games where only semi auto is legal.

      These are not recommend for high power motors and big springs as they reliable to around a max of 50amp draw.

      These are Rear wire setup for V2 gear box

      Supports 7.4V-11.1V


      Quick trigger response

      Single shot, binary, burst and full auto fire 

      Selectable auto mag prime 

      Active Braking System that positioning gears and reduce motor abrasion.

      Short circuit and battery protection.