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Zombie Hunter 870SF Co2 Shotgun Gel Blaster
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    Zombie Hunter 870SF Co2 Shotgun Gel Blaster


      QLD and WA only

        Do you want to treat your enemy as a zombie? What blaster could knock them down in one shot? OR a blaster that could fire 6 gels simultaneously in one shot?

        A pump action shotgun with high maneuverability is your choice. Here are the features of the new shotgun you shouldn’t miss:

        • All action and operation of this blaster is the same as real one.
        • 14 inch barrel with overall length just 58cm and weight just 4.2 lbs provides you high maneuverability during battle.
        • Reinforced Dynamic Action Bolt increase durability and reliability of your blaster in each shot.
        • Synthetic Fiber Pistol Grip design reduces the chance of slipping.
        • AGS Fiber Forend for easy pumping and shooting.
        • Standard comes with sling mount.
        • Standard comes with ball sight for quick aiming.

        The 870SF is an ideal gel blaster for shooting enthusiast. The handling and operation is just the same as real steel version. The velocity of this blaseter is ~250 FPS.

        • Caliber: 7mm gel
        • Outer barrel size: 18mm
        • Energy Source: Co2 Charge to shell
        • Velocity: ~ 250 FPS
        • Maximum Range: 25 Meters
        • Effective Range: 15 Meters
        • Fire Selector: Safe / Fire
        • Plastic Hand Grip and Forend
        • Metal Body
        • Rate of Fire: Pump Action Single Shot
        • Shell Capacity : 4 + 1 Rounds
        • Length 58cm(L) x 12cm(H) x 3.8cm(W)
        • Weight: 1.9 kg