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M401 (19)

Turnigy 7.4v (2S) 1,200mah Battery


eYou 11.1v (3S) 1,200mah 45C Battery


SHS Blue Springs


Hardened Steel Pinion Gear


Genuine SHS 16:1 Metal Gears


Genuine SHS 13:1 Metal Gears


M150 Supermotor 33000RPM- 480 Long Motor by ChiHai

Coming Soon

V2 Metal Blade Trigger

Coming Soon

Steel anti-reverse latch


Strong Return Spring

Coming Soon

SHS Gearbox Switch Block Assembly


Polished and ported Stainless Steel Cylinder


Option No.1 Plug-In Brushless 480 Long Motor


Genuine SHS 12:1 Metal Gears


Genuine SHS DSG Gear


Well M4 RIS/M401 Tappet Plate

Coming Soon

XPower Buffer Tube

Coming Soon

Well M4 RIS Stock Adapter

Coming Soon