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Salient Arms International Co2 Shotgun Gel Blaster - Black - Pre-order
Coming soon

    Salient Arms International Co2 Shotgun Gel Blaster - Black - Pre-order


      QLD and WA only

      Expected Mid to late August

      Pre-order Information

      1. Pre-order guarantees your item is reserved, not that you will receive it first before someone that walks into the store
      2. Orders cannot be combined or shipping options changed
      3. Any order containing co2 canisters will not be sent express in line with regulations
      4. Process for pre-orders is as follows;
        1. You will receive shipping information shortly after placing the order
        2. Your packing list will be placed waiting for the shipment to arrive
        3. Once the items have arrived in stock, your items will be sent upon packing which will take approximately 1 to 2 days after the stock arrival
        4. Your tracking details will then start to move

      Salient Arms International (SAI), a cutting edge and innovative forerunner in the firearms industry based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, provides expert gun smith services for a wide range of firearms. Catering to the demanding requirements of Military, Law Enforcement, Civilian, and even Competition Shooters; Salient Arms Int. identifies a weapons weaknesses and shortcomings and provide problem solving solutions to push the envelope of performance out of each weapon system. Bringing out the full potential of each weapon system provides the user with a huge advantage as well as boosted confidence in situations where seconds can mean the difference between success and failure, winning or losing.

      A collaboration project between EMG and SAI, the Salient Arms M870 shotgun blaster feels and functions just like its real-life counterpart. Each shot shell has its own self-contained co2 charge and 6 gels. This unique system allows the blaster to be loaded and cycled like an actual pump action shotgun; complete with tactical reloads.

      A pump action shotgun with high maneuverability is your choice. Here are the features of the new shotgun you shouldn’t miss:

      • Caliber: 7mm gel
      • Heavy duty aluminum receiver w/ weather resistant anodized finish & laser engraved Salient Arms International trademarks
      • Ultra-light weight design; vent-ribbed barrel w/ porting & high visibility fiber optic shotgun front sight
      • Aggressive stippling on forearm and stock for an absolute no-slip grip
      • Steel action bars for smoother cycling and improved durability; improved steel lift-gate; heavy duty steel extractor; reinforced aluminum trigger guard
      • Pre-installed +2 shot shell extension for 6+1 shell capacity
      • Custom CNC machined anodized aluminum bolt w/ laser engraved SAI trademarks
      • Fires 6 x  7mm gels with one pull of the trigger w/ realistic shot patterning; resembles standard defensive loads; realistically ejects and loads shells like an actual pump-action shotgun