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Turnigy 7.4v (2S) 1,200mah Battery
Turnigy 7.4v (2S) 1,200mah Battery
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Turnigy 7.4v (2S) 1,200mah Battery


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This is no chinese crap battery, this is certified 2S 1,200mah battery capacity with 18 gauge wire! Lipo no less so you will have plenty of power to keep going! These are rated at 25c continuous or 50c burst or in other words, providing in excess of 25 amps continuously! Way more than needed!

This will fit most blasters including M4A1 and G36.

This now comes in 2 variants

  1. Stock blaster plug called the JST SM. The power requirements of the blasters is moving away from this kind of plug which is meant for low power applications. However getting this option means it is plug and play in your blaster
  2. Mini Tamiya. This is much more suitable for our blasters. It does mean however that you will need to change your plug over on your blaster. 

Measurements are 116x17x13mm