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Cytac Glock G34, G17, G19 Pistol Holster
Cytac Glock G34, G17, G19 Pistol Holster

    Cytac Glock G34, G17, G19 Pistol Holster


      Cytacs Tactical holster for full frame Glock style pistols

      Suits Long Slide Glock 34s, full size glock 17s and compact slide  G19s

       Please note these are a tight fit on most gel blaster glocks.  These are made for real Glock firearms, the gelball versions that stem from Airsfot models have slightly different dimensions which makes them tight in the holster and may take some wearing in or shaving to make perfect fit.
      These will be eve tighter with "aftermarket" CNC type slides that have squarer edges and different proportions to a standard Glock profile.

      · Focus on Pistol Carrying Safety
      Gen3 Holsters produced of updated polymer. Holster body is stronger, offering firm protection for pistol in a combat situation, whilst maintains proper toughness for comfortable carry.

      · Brand New Look
      Holster body developed the integrated smooth design. You’d like to have a try at the first sight. The design looks simple but strong, modern but ergonomic.

      · Easy Access & Natural Draw
      The holster enables a smooth draw, by gripping the handgun naturally and slightly depressing the index finger release button.

      · Mounting Options
      Comes with belt clip but can be fitted with the optional MOLLE attachment sold separately